FUTURE 3 Fins PC Black

26,00 €tax incl.

KSP's flexseries fin with FUTURES BOX system is designed for reproduce the flexibilily and agility of the glass fibre stretched out by hand and, at the same time, decrease the fin's weight and cost. The mix of nylon and glass fibre optimizes the distribuition of rigidity so to lend much flexibility to the extremity and less to the base.

The process of injection pressing grants the maxim precision in the geometry and in the fin's section. The good flexibility of these fins confers high reactivity and at the same time great control in conditions of very different waves.

These fins are designed to offer the best product in conditions of very different waves. The medium base, the classic inclination and the balanced flexibility grant a perfect match between control, reactivity and performance. The lightweight composite material is ideal for surfers who wants to reduce the fins weight without sacrifice their durability.

Three fins set
Base: 11.09 cm
Area: 95,22 cm2
Height: 11.55 cm
Sweep: 33 degrees

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