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190,00 €tax incl.

The DRIVE is an ideal board for chilled out carving sessions


The design made with a Continuos Rocker is a perfect machine for nice progression on the trick, and is the perfect board for beginner to recreational riders, with a very fast board under your feet.


The foam "core" is reinforced with fiberglass, Formica and stringers, and the shape made with full 3d mould, present some grip lines on the bottom.


In the package are inclusive two 0.9" plastic central fins







Board Tech

KSP boards offer latest generation components, for design, details and materials.



Hard Flex

Rigid Flex suitable to have a very high level of pop.


Double-concave Bottom

The double-concave shape of the board low section allows to have a best bowline and grip on the water with the slightlest friction


Explosive POP

Explosive POP sensation so to give the best to every rider, even in the elaborate tricks.


3D ABS Rails

ABS is the best material usable for the sides protection of the board. This lend a greater resistance to impacts.

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