How are these prices possible?

How can we offer these prices over 50% less than other brands?


A question that many kiters ask themselves, and often, the doubt that arises at first is that the materials, performance, construction details of the various products are lower than a product that costs more than double. But this is a big mistake.


The answer is simple, and is illustrated below with a simple graph.

While 90% of the brands focus on the search for new distributors, resellers and stores in the various territories, KSP, in the 12 years of activity and development, has focused on a totally different policy: to offer the same products in terms of quality, materials and performance, made in the same manufacturers of the top-brands, with direct sales to customer, without intermediaries, resellers, or distributors.

This allows the customer to have a final cost of about 50% less than other brands, having a cut on the earnings of distributors, retailers, riders and marketing campaigns.