Fusion V4

Size chart

115,00 €tax incl.

The new FUSION V4 trapeze of KSP has been realized to indulge all the typical movements of freestyle moves.


Lightweight and slim, the soft contours of the fusionV4 adapt to the shape of your body offering a superlative comfort.


Thanks to construction particularly accurate, the back side of the FUSION V4 provides flexibility by distributing the pressure generated by the kite evenly over a large area , this results in less strain on your back and therefore more time to try your mad tricks.


Inside, the technicians have carefully positioned many pillows in soft neoprene to allow you to take advantage of the twist when is necessary, so allowing the trapeze to move without provoke annoying abrasion or chafing.


Moreover, presents (like the previous version) a second band for the hook, able to stopping the hook firmly thus avoiding a possible lifting of the same


The FUSION V4 is perfect for a calm or aggressive guide, is super lightweight and equipped of important accessories like the CUT-LINE , band handlepass for leash and much more.

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