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CHARGER, KSP absolute innovation, is the revoltuion of freestyle/wakestyle world. Indeed it is an OPEN-C made with a 5-lines setting to have the maximum in freestyle and wakestyle.





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This type of setting give to the kite, in addition to an absolute stability in every wind conditions, an excessice pop and an amazing slack for any intermediate and extreme maneuver.


Moreover, thanks to its 3-struts structure, unlike any other C-kite on the market with 6-lines setting it boasts a high low-end and an incredibly easy and immediate auto-relaunch.


An important innovation also involves the construction: for this collection we have selected the best materials on the market, as 2DR (Double ripstop), Tejian Dacron, and maximum bladder thickness.















Kites Tech

From design to details and materials, the KSP kites offer latest generation components.



2DR RipStop

The KSP uses the top of the last technology 2DR canopy with double filament, in order to ensure a high quality and long lasting level


3 Struts Design

The 3-struts system offers to this kite a very high low-end, an exceptional responsiveness of the kite and a great stability!


Turbo Valvle

Inflate and deflate your kite quickly, and with half the effort in pressure of the pump, thanks to the great to fast-valvle system, a valve with a much wider diameter than the standard.


Open-C Shape

This shape optimized with 6-lines setting allows you to have maximum of the necessary features, required by an high level free/wake style, having also super stability, high reactivity, high low-end and immediate relaunch from the water.















by StyleFreestyle/Wakestyle
by LevelIntermedio / Esperto

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