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  • 40cm
  • 47cm
  • 53cm
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  • 5°Linea
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Important news of this new collection of KSP are undoubtedly the new KSP Bar

Completely redesigned, the KSP Bar, designed kite for 4 lines with setting 5 lines predisposition (just add the optional 5 -lines kit), has features that make it absolutely a slash easy to use and for riders of all levels.


Important news for this new bar is undoubtedly the quality of the materials: in fact, the lines used in this new collection of production Europcord Dutch boast the distinction of being:

- Anti-stretch

- Anti-node

- Anti-wear

- Waterproof


Made with terminals in Eva and Covering on the cables, the possibility of interweaving the fingers is totally eliminated.

With Easy-Swivel System, a front-lines of manual rotation system, positioned above the Chicken-loop, you will always have an optimal arrangement of the lines with rotations and trick may intertwine.

3 Bar Sizes

The bar is available in 3 different sizes (40/47 / 53cm) to be chosen according to the extent of the kite, the style used and the reaction preferences / speed of the kite

Fast Chicken Loop

The new Chicken Loop boasts innovative design and super functional. It guarantees maximum safety and rapidity of use in case of emergency, as well as recovery. Also it equipped with swivel to rotate the Front Lines

ClamCleat Depower System

Equipped with Power / Depower Clamcleat system offers maximum security and speed rider in the weakening of the kite, so as to have a precise adjustment, quick and safe

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Bar Size

40cm, 47cm, 53cm


No, 5°Linea