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Do you want to take your level to a next step, break personal records, constantly chase your progression, jump high or loo like the best riders? Then you are ready to try our new freestyle machine. We are proud to present you the new PURE kite.

As we usually do, we have left nothing to chance, paying attention to the entire structure of the kite in detail, making it precise, powerful and neutral when necessary.

The great innovation of this Kite is that it works perfectly with 4 or 5 lines, for all those who want a 5-line freestyle kite, but prefer the advantages of a 4-line kite.

With 4-line attitude, the PURE runs faster, has a large depower range, more lifts, more hang time and is easier to relaunch.

This kite will surely exceed your expectations!


2DR RipStop

The KSP uses the top quality canopy of the latest 2DR technology with double filament, guaranteeing a high and lasting quality level



Turbo Valve

Inflate and deflate your kite quickly, and with half the effort in pump pressure, thanks to the large fast-valve system, a valve with a significantly larger diameter than the standard.

One-Pump System

Thanks to the One-Pump system with which the KSP builds all its kites, inflating your kite will be quick and easy. The system allows you to inflate all bladders from a single quick valve


5 Struts Design

The 5 struts system offers this kite super stability even in super extreme conditions, without burdening the weight and performance of a light kite!



7m 22-35 47cm
9m 18-28 47cm
10m 15-22 47cm
12m 13-18 47cm

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