Men Wetsuit – Royal Pro/Syncro V2

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The SYNCRO is the new PRO wetsuit, top of the range with front-zip. Designed for a high-level audience who want the best from their suit.

The best materials have been adopted, such as the SUPER-STRETCH neoprene top on the market (able to stretch over 250% of its length at rest) in order to give greater elasticity and therefore greater freedom of movement and performance.

But the innovations do not end: the latest generation GBS seams with reinforced joints have been inserted, able to radically reduce water infiltration;

Shin padding, with the function of cushioning possible impacts with the boards.

Entirely lined in warm Pail, which, in addition to guaranteeing an unrivaled body heat retention, offers a pleasant sensation of softness on the skin.

It has a collar finished in anti-corrosion latex for excellent comfort and in addition, in this winter version, a zip cover with anti-infiltration collar has been specially inserted, an accessory of absolute importance for the maintenance of body heat and the drastic reduction of infiltration. We also find a “pocket key” at knee height, inside which it is possible to place a possible key.

This model guarantees an optimal fit, with performances that only the TOP brands can guarantee.

A perfect example of a wetsuit with top quality and unrivaled price.




For maximum comfort and maximum elasticity of the suit, which turns into maximum performance


3-needle stitching

The KSP uses 3-needle seams with latest generation machines, which allows for maximum resistance and elasticity


Pocket Key

A convenient pocket-key is inserted inside one leg of the suit, with a strap to which one or more keys can be attached


Water-Out System

A water release system, which favors the passage of water from the inside to the outside of the suit

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