The kite and the price allure you, but are you afraid that you might not like or reflect the quality that you imagine? NO PROPLEM!

Take advantage of the system offered exclusively by KSP "TBB” (Try Before Buy).
How does it work? Easy:

1 - Buy your kite by requesting the demo (just indicate in the notes during the purchase phase "Request TBB Demo“)

2 - You will receive at your home the same kite you purchased and to the same extent, but already unpacked and previously used (or in some cases new packed)

3 - Test the kite for 15 days

4 YES - If you are satisfied with the kite, we will withdraw the test, and send you the new kite without having to repay the shipment again.e

4 NO - If you are not satisfied with the kite, we will withdraw the test and you will be reimbursed for the entire amount you anticipated, except for the shipping cost