Try & Buy

Discover our new system



Attracted by the price, but worried about quality or performance? No problem

From today you can try your product, before confirming the purchase, without any commitment!



Buy the product normally (with any payment method) indicating in the notes "TRY & BUY".

Receive your demo, and try it for 15 days.

Were you satisfied? Optimal! We will collect the demo, and ship the new product packaged
For free.
Not satisfied? No problem! We will collect the demo, and upon receipt of the same, refund the amount paid, withholding only the costs of shipping and picking up the item (30 euros)


PS: the Try & Buy system is only available for some products such as kite, kite + bar, or board, of the new collections (not products on offer or old collections). You will find the sticker TRY & BUY directly on the article pages where it is available