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Water sports helmet

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This is by far one of the best water sports helmets. The new BULLET helmet has been specifically designed for extreme sports, and is therefore very light, only 400g !!!


CE EN-1385 certified for water sports, its EVA padding does not absorb water, so as not to weigh down the helmet, and in case of falls, the oval ventilation holes on its surface allow water to flow out preventing the helmet from being pulled away when dragged into the water.


It is one of the only helmets that, in addition to having an adjustable chin strap, has an additional adjustment on the nape of the neck that allows precise adjustment.


The helmet is also equipped with ear protectors.


Perfect for all water sports, kitesurfing, rafting, boating, windsurfing, kayaking, wake, etc.


Also remember that, in addition to saving your life, the helmet is a mandatory accessory for these sports.
Don't get caught without it.


Beware of buying helmets without the brand CE EN-1385. Besides not being approved, and therefore punishable, they may not be able to withstand shocks or strong impacts, putting your life at risk.


- Dual Density Shockproof Material
-MATT GLOSS cap (matte paint)
-Certification: CE EN-1385
- Measurement regulator

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