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CLASS is the new seat harness presented for this new season by KSP.

With an unrivaled quality / price ratio, this harness is able to offer everything you would want from a harness to a seat

Recommended for those starting with this sport, or for people with back problems, it allows you to practice this sport
without high risks, distributing the force transmitted by the kite, throughout the body, and not only on the back, as for the harnesses

The harness is largely lined with neoprene to avoid causing any type of abrasion to the skin and the double belt
blocks any movement of the harness.

With its compact shape, it will ensure an excellent fit, without unnecessary bulk, which would only reduce your movements.

Equipped with the Spreaderdown system, the locking system that will allow you to keep the hook in a correct position, preventing it from rising and hitting your ribs.

The harness is also equipped with a handle, a fundamental accessory especially for those who are starting, or following a kitesurfing course, to be grabbed in case of error by their instructor or companion.



Spreadbar with Line Cutter

Spreadbar covered in neoprene, with loops to keep the hook down, and pocket for lines cutter



Integrated Line-Cutter

At the bottom of the spreadbar you will find a lines cutter useful in case of safety


Soft 3D

Made with 3D padded neoprene, it will offer maximum comfort without straining your back




Quick hook with push button

Quick coupling system with push button opening

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