Polarized sunglasses

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This new model of prescription polarized glasses from the new KSP collection, while having the same characteristics as the other Polarized, was created with the The added exclusivity of being able to mount prescription lenses on the back of the lenses, in a small removable accessory, which will not be visible from the outside.

In this way, even those with a visual impairment will be able to wear these sports glasses without necessarily having to use contact lenses.

Thanks to the production materials used, which stand out in TR90 for the frame and Polycarbonate for the sun lenses, you will have a highly resistant product on your face.

With these glasses, you yourself can decide at any time how to wear the glasses: whether for daily use or for sport. So just detach the 2 temples and insert the internal rubber protection, and your sunglasses will become protective glasses.

Thanks to polarized lenses (the best lenses for solar filtering), your vision will be extremely clearer, as well as visual protection will be excessively safer. Especially in water, you will have a very strong visual improvement, thanks to the elimination of reflections caused by the water itself.

Unlike other protective glasses, which are usually anti/aesthetic, you will have beautiful, sporty and excellent quality sunglasses on your face, which you can transform into full-fledged protective glasses at any time in about 20 seconds.

Furthermore, we give you the possibility to have your prescription lenses fitted directly by us.
Contact us to find out the cost of the lenses

-TR90 frame
-Polarized polycarbonate lenses
-UVA-UVB protection
-Removable rubber protection
-Removable lens holder frame
-Interchangeable temples with elastic strap
-Microfibre pouch included


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