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The KSP GOLF BAG kite bag is an intelligent and light solution with a typical and attractive design, for your travels with the equipment.


The bag effortlessly accommodates a couple of boards, 3 wings (even more if you are good at it) and all accessories, wetsuits, pump, harness, etc.


The structure is rigid and sturdy to avoid damage to the equipment, the compression straps keep the contents secure.


It is equipped with wheels and handles to facilitate transport and has a transparent pocket on the outside for the identification data useful in case of loss.


Data sheet
- Measurements: 150x45x40 cm
- Weight: 4.5kg
- Suitable for: 2 boards, 3 kites, bar, pump, trapeze, various accessories
- Padded
- Reinforced
- Wheels



Rubber wheels

For maximum convenience in transport, and with minimum friction and noise


Double Handle

Thanks to the handles it will be possible to transport the GolfBag by means of the wheels, or simply lift it


Pocket with zip

A convenient zip pocket to insert small items and prevent them from being lost


Adjustable straps

Thanks to the different straps it will be possible to adjust the bag and make it safe for transport by plane