LC 15 Italy Edition

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Lycra & Termical Tops
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Lycra realizzata con SpanFlex UV con grammatura 8 once

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SKILL lycra is made using one of the best materials in the world in terms of performance and protection, i.e. SpanFlex UV with 8 oz weight which makes it practically indestructible while maintaining crazy elasticity.


Wearing it for the first time you will immediately notice the unquestionably higher quality compared to other materials you find on the market.


Equipped with an unrivaled fit, comfortable and enveloping fit, the SKILL lycra also provides 100% UV protection, leaving you to peacefully enjoy your day in the water without having to worry about burns and irritations.


Furthermore, this lycra offers excellent protection from irritations (algae, jellyfish, etc) and scratches from rubbing with the harness.

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