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The Entry-Level package includes the complete set of products developed and indicated for those who are starting out and want to progress quickly.

If you are starting or have just started kitesurfing, and you are looking for a complete set that allows you to progress quickly, with super stability and super progression, this is the one for you.
Also suitable for those who have been practicing kitesurfing for some time and want a high-performance but above all stable, fun and safe set

The Entry-Level Package includes:
– Kite PHANTOM V2 (size of your choice) + Bag + Fast Pump
Bar V2 + Leash
– Board SLIDE V3 (size of your choice) Complete with accessories (fins, pads/straps and handle)

To view the data sheets of the various products, just click on the product link above.

Based on 6 reviews

  1. noemi f

    The only brand with excellent prices. Super happy

  2. Robero Datt.

    I am a beginner and I am not able to evaluate the performance, but I can say that the products seem very beautiful and well made to me

  3. Enzo Conte

    Perhaps the only brand on the market that has these prices, and the equipment is spectacular both aesthetically and qualitatively. From now on only KSP

  4. Felice D.

    Ottimo acquisto

  5. GIovanni De Concilis

    Super happy I purchased this complete package. I recently started kiting and it has made me progress a lot. The quality is excellent (also said by my instructor) and I paid half the price for it compared to other brands

  6. Ferdi G.

    super soddisfatto

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