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Starting from the assumption that every foot is different, KSP has designed a set of pads / straps that creates a new standard in the evolution of kitesurfing. The Pro Combat 2 set offers a really wide range of adjustments to get the perfect fit on any foot, while adding speed and ease of assembly.


The Pro Combat set can be mounted on any board as it is idealized on standard bindings.



Thanks to the cushion equipped with the "density control" system, it greatly reduces the pressure on the heels at the points of greatest impact, significantly increasing the cushion effect. In addition, KSP has adopted a new coating rubber which significantly increases the grip in contact with the feet. At the same time the pads remain very easy to put on, and once the foot is in place, it is very easy to hold it.




The set includes:
– Pads
– Straps
- Handle
- Screws + washers


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