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Floatable polarized sunglasses

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These Polarized Floating glasses from KSP, have been designed exclusively for extreme use in watersports.

Made with an exclusive anti-break material, they have the splendid characteristic of floating in the water. This means that even in the event of a possible loss in the water, your glasses will always be identifiable, so as to avoid losing them easily.

Equipped with integrated rubber protection, even a possible contusion will prevent serious damage to your face.

Thanks to polarized lenses (the best lenses for solar filtering), your vision will be extremely clearer, as well as visual protection will be excessively safer. Especially in water, you will have a very strong visual improvement, thanks to the elimination of reflections caused by the water itself.

Suitable for any sport you want to do, even for the most extreme, it will be your perfect companion.


-TR90 frame
-Polarized polycarbonate lenses
-Made with floating material
-UVA-UVB protection
-Elastic strap
-Microfibre pouch included


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