Tavola Wake

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SPARK is the new KSP machine created to do everything: structures or hulls, you will no longer have limits!


The result of a 10-month project, the SPARK is the perfect board for every level of riding. Its features can easily satisfy the demands from a beginner to an expert level!

Thanks to its fully 3D construction, it has different grip lines that give excellent grip (even in the absence of fins) both when gliding and landing and a more aggressive pop.


This board has been made with a technology that makes it truly robust, able to withstand any landing, and any type of abuse by the most aggressive riders.


The KSP board line also features reinforced PVC joints in all models for the use of boots. Using boots with the most aggressive maneuvers will no longer be a problem.


Made with a twisting system in biaxial fibers, it is able to transform the energy generated by the rider into extreme tricks.

MISURA: 140×42

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