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Men Wetsuit –Syncro V3
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The SYNCRO V3 is the new top-of-the-range front-zip winter wetsuit. Designed for a high-level audience who want the most from their wetsuit.

In this new version of the now established SYNCRO, very important innovative details have been included, such as the internal thermal fleece lining both front (chest, abdomen and legs) and rear (back and legs). This gives the wetsuit an excellent thermal result, giving additional warmth to winter sessions.

It features a collar finished in anti-corrosion latex, for excellent comfort.

We also find a "pocket key", inside which it is possible to place a possible key.

This model guarantees an optimal fit, with performances that only the TOP brands can guarantee.

A perfect example of a wetsuit with top quality and unrivaled price.




For maximum comfort and maximum elasticity of the suit, which turns into maximum performance


Internal Thermal Fleece

New in the new SYNCRO V3 is the new internal thermal fleece layer, which gives excellent warmth to winter sessions.


Pocket Key

Un comodo pocket-key è inserito all’interno del colletto della muta, con un laccetto alla quale è possibile agganciare una o più chiavi


Water-Out System

A water release system, which favors the passage of water from the inside to the outside of the suit

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Black, Gray


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL