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Men Wetsuit - Wise
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Wise, è questo il nome della muta entry-level della collezione KSP, realizzata con neoprene di qualità medio/alto per vestire comodamente e dare ottime performance nei movimenti.

E’ caratterizzata dalla presenza di un colletto rifinito in lattice anticorrosione, da cuciture GBS con giunzioni rinforzate, attraverso la quale viene radicalmente diminuita la possibilità di infiltrazione d’acqua.

At the same time elastic and flexible, the Wise wetsuit does not constrict movements, thus creating a perfect mix between fun and comfort, with an unrivaled price.

Along the bottom of the suit is a key pocket, where a key can be placed.

Furthermore, in this winter version, a zip cover with anti-infiltration collar has been specially inserted, an accessory of absolute importance for maintaining body heat, and drastically reducing infiltration.

KSP's main objective has always been to constantly improve its products, investing in quality and performance and giving them an exclusive quality/price ratio.

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