Polarized sunglasses

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KSP sunglasses made in precious TR90 mat-system, rigorously with polycarbonate lenses Polarized, will offer your vision guaranteed sharpness, as well as protection from UVA and UVB fundamental.

Polarized lenses are useful for reducing glare from light. The polarizing filter eliminates the same by reducing those reflections caused by fresh snow or by the glare of the sun on the water. In fact it becomes an aid for very different situations, suitable for those who ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, or practice water or snow sports, to prevent the blinding light from damaging retina e macula.

Thanks to this your vision and sharpness will immediately appear improved.

Furthermore, thanks to the quality of construction, they are ultra-light and resistant.

Available in different colors and frame/lens combinations.

-TR90 frame
-Polarized polycarbonate lenses
-Microfibre pouch included


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