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An important novelty of this new KSP collection is undoubtedly the new KSP Bar

Completely redesigned, the KSP Bar, designed for 4-line kites with provision for 5-line setting (just add the optional 5-line kit), has features that make it an absolutely easy-to-use bar for riders of all levels.

An important novelty also for this new bar is undoubtedly the quality of the materials used: in fact the lines used in this new collection of Dutch Europcord production boast the particularity of being:

– Anti-stretching

– Anti-knot

– Anti-wear

– Waterproof

Made with Eva terminals and Covering on the cables, the possibility of intertwining fingers is totally eliminated.

Equipped with Easy-Swivel System, a manual front-line rotation system, positioned above the Chicken-loop, you will always have an optimal arrangement of the lines that could intertwine with rotations and tricks.

The terminals of the lines are with BOCCA DI LUPO on the back, and BOCCA DI LUPO/NODO (interchangeable system) on the front.
In any case, you can add the PIGTAIL kit to make the bar usable with any kite of any brand.


  • 500kg LIROS lines on the front-lines
  • 300kg LIROS lines on the back-lines
  • Anti-wear, anti-stretch, anti-knot lines
  • Latest generation Quick Release system
  • Depower with Clamcleat
  • Total length of lines 23m
  • Possibility of inserting the Suicide-Mode system
  • 100% safety with safety line on single line
  • Back-lines with lark's mouth terminal
  • Front-lines with 2 in 1 interchangeable terminals (knot and lark's mouth)
  • Retractable depower for a smaller footprint



  • Bar + 4 lines already assembled
  • Leash Standard (100cm)


  • 5th line (for 5 line kites)
  • Set 4 Pigtails (for universal fitment)



The bar is available in 3 different sizes (40/47/53cm) to choose according to the size of the kite, the style used and the reaction/speed preferences of the kite


The new Chicken Loop boasts an innovative and super functional design. It guarantees maximum safety and speed of use in the event of an emergency, as well as recovery. Also equipped with Swivel to rotate the Front-Lines


Equipped with the Power/Depower Clamcleat system, it offers the rider maximum safety and speed in depowering the kite, so as to have a precise, rapid and safe adjustment

The new Era of Kiteboarding

Based on 8 reviews

  1. Marco Taddei

    Excellent value for money

  2. Maurizio Bellavia

    I recommend, excellent bar

  3. Enzo Bentivoglio


  4. Paquale93

    I use it with the Phantom kite. Perfect

  5. Roberto B.

    Intuitive and high quality bar

  6. Ciccio Fonte

    Nice quality bar. Beautiful lines, they really taste like high quality. I use it with several kite.super

  7. gigiolone1978

    Satisfied with this purchase

  8. Carmelo Brisciano

    Great product

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