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The idea of simplicity and pure fun is at the heart of the design of this new Wing MOON by KSP.
It has been designed to offer the maximum possible feeling of lightness and to generate efficient power that allows foiling in all conditions with maximum stability and ease of use.


Power distribution has been optimized and is perfectly balanced so as not to tire the arms. The instant power generated by the wing and its neutral balance make it a fantastic wing for all riders, regardless of their level and training modes.


Its design benefits from KSP's innovations, ensuring that stability and durability have been optimized, using our well-known high-quality, lightweight materials and our exclusive design to achieve a super stylish shell, while maintaining weight as much as possible. low as possible.


The MOON is equipped with three comfortable handles positioned in crucial points to allow the rider to have a perfect balance and to reduce the overall weight of the sail. They have been optimized to facilitate transitions and better fine-tuning. Their excellent feel favors longer rides.


Its remarkable low weight will make you forget about sailing in freefly mode and during outings in the open sea.
The MOON is available in 4m, 5m and 6m sizes to meet all needs.



  • Perfectly balanced
  • Ease of gliding and upwind
  • Maximum comfort and accessibility
  • Ultraspeed valve: fast inflation and deflation valve.
  • Technoforce D2: Teijin's Technoforce is a high-density polyester fabric with a double-filament tear-resistant structure that uses thin, high-tension yarns, and increases its strength.


Included in the package:

    • Wing
    • Leash
    • Bag
    • Repair kit




    2DR RipStop

    The KSP uses the top quality canopy of the latest 2DR technology with double filament, guaranteeing a high and lasting quality level



    Turbo Valve

    Inflate and deflate your kite quickly, and with half the effort in pump pressure, thanks to the large fast-valve system, a valve with a significantly larger diameter than the standard.




    One-Pump System

    Thanks to the One-Pump system with which the KSP builds all its kites, inflating your kite will be quick and easy. The system allows you to inflate all bladders from a single quick valve



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4m, 5m, 6m