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The new SELECT v2 is our new freeride / big-air kite that behaves like a rocket.



Our design team has built the new SELECT v2 with next-level lifting and hang-time capabilities that will elevate you to personal bests while excelling as a high-performance freeride kite.


The goal of our technicians was to design and build an all round kite, with excellent hang time characteristics, but also very light that could offer an immediate feeling right from the first use.


We can say that it is the perfect choice for freeriders and kiters who want to fly really high.

The SELECT v2 has a few minor changes to the frame geometry, which provide insane upward propulsion.



Its aspect ratio is optimized to launch you to new heights and air times while maintaining lightning-fast reaction speed and turns.
The basic jumps with rotations and in general all the "old style" tricks with the new Select seem easier and more manageable.


In addition, thanks to its high stability, it allows you to hold more kites with more wind, unlocking higher and longer jumps.


If you are a demanding kiter you cannot fail to try it!






3DR RipStop

The KSP uses the top of the canopy quality of the latest 3DR technology with TRIPLE ripstop, guaranteeing a high and lasting quality level



Turbo Valve

Inflate and deflate your kite quickly, and with half the effort in pump pressure, thanks to the large fast-valve system, a valve with a significantly larger diameter than the standard.






One-Pump System

Thanks to the One-Pump system with which the KSP builds all its kites, inflating your kite will be quick and easy. The system allows you to inflate all bladders from a single quick valve



5 Struts Design

The 5 struts system offers this kite super stability even in super extreme conditions, without burdening the weight and performance of a light kite!




7m 18-38 47cm
9m 15-32 47cm
11m 12-23 53cm
13m 11-20 53cm
15m 9-16 53cm
17m 8-15 53cm



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WaterGreen/Grey, Yellow/Blue/Grey

Kite Size

7m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m